about the PROJECT

The 100 Postcard Project is a grassroots initiative to revive the art of personalized, material human connection through the writing of postcards and letters. Collaborators on this project aim to write 100 postcards or letters in 100 days, between May 22 and August 29, 2010, artistically rendered or otherwise. Participants may also choose to explore other creative outlets for the duration of the summer, doing something each day towards their artistic goals. Our hopes for embarking on this project are two-fold: first, in an era where online social media are rapidly replacing more intimate forms of human connectivity, we wish to revisit the depths of connection possible “offline.” Second, we wish to develop in our own creative crafts by making them a daily, intrinsic part of our lives. This blog is a collaborative companion effort to reflect on the experience, to share our progress, writing, photographs or art, or engage in other creative endeavors on a daily or weekly basis.

Please let us know if you would like to receive a postcard or letter from one of us. And we welcome you to join our efforts by writing postcards or developing in your own creative craft this summer!


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