day one

today is the day friends!  i’m excited to create and mail my first postcard!

this past week, i went out and purchased index cards (postcards), some special pens, a rubber stamp ink pad, and a box to keep all of my supplies in.  my envelopes are in the mail to me, and i’ll need to buy some more stamps and pick up my pictures for my first few postcards!  i have a list of people who i’m planning to send to (but not quite 100, so let me know if you want one!) woohoo!  all set to go!

i’m excited about this project because it’s giving me a reason to create something by hand again.  i was always a crafty person growing up, but rarely stick to a project these days because i get so busy and distracted by things.  i’m looking forward to dedicating time to this and actually carrying out each of the 100 days.  my hope is that it expands my creative pursuits and gives me a reason to dabble in some of the art forms i’ve been wanting to try and others that i’ve neglected for too long.  aside from all of this, i think i’m mostly looking forward to reconnecting with friends  who i haven’t spoken to in a long time.

hope more of you will join us along the way!  check back often and let us know you’re reading!


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