break break your heart

hello hello!

it is now day two and i juuust finished making my second postcard of one hundred… i haven’t really introduced my project yet so allow me to do that first…

at first, i was just going to doodle on the postcards and try to make them as unique as possible but then i felt like i wouldn’t be able to avoid reusing certain doodles and ideas so i refined my project a little. i decided yesterday (hah, on day one) that i would use lyrics from one song only and center my doodles around the ideas or sentiments expressed in those lyrics. so far, it’s been pretty easy (well, it’s only been two days…) and i’ve been feeling creative enough, but i’m positive it will be challenging to come up with one hundred songs to match the one hundred recipients of my postcards…

i’m putting my postcard along with a blank self-addressed postcard into an envelope and sending it off each day… hopefully some of those blank postcards will come back!

we’ll see. today i used lyrics from “break your heart” by taio cruz and ludacris… don’t judge- it’s pretty funny. i’m having a good time so far and am excited to receive reactions!

goodnight friends!

p.s. stay posted for the scans of my first postcards!


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