The Start of Something Good

The house of glass I believed I lived in transparently, seeing outside the rest of the real world, was a house of mirrors that reflected back only what I myself believed.

The first step to self awareness was to break the mirrors that enclosed me, as fearful and dangerous as this felt, and let my sight rest upon what others saw and believed.

The second step was to let the knowledge of how small the grain of my own knowledge was compared with what knowledge is available in the Universe wash over me in gratitude and humility.

The third, perhaps the most important, step was to learn to love myself, despite all I found missing within me. Loving myself and accepting that this is how I am today, and that I can choose to change anything I wish.

Then get a dog, eat some ice-cream, fly to Paris. Everything is within my grasp. Everything is possible.

I got a dog named Casey this week. She answers to Bunni now. Neither of us will be the same again.


One thought on “The Start of Something Good

  1. i hope all is love and cuddles with your new pup.

    i think my ultimate goal is to get myself to write like this daily… your words are very very inspiring.

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