1. trying to be detailed without using color… i love black but it’s been a struggle… maybe i’m not so cut out for this ballpoint pen art 😦

2. finding a song that is relevant to each person, especially old people. i sent one to a former teacher today and i doubt that she’ll get the connection… oh well. and i’ve been thinking about what songs i might use when i send cards to my grandparents… i have a feeling our musical interests don’t overlap much…

3. figuring out postage. today it took me at least half an hour just to figure out how many stamps to put on my letter to japan. mika seemed to know right off the bat, but i’m convinced that the usps website is flawed. or i’m just bad at navigating that site.

93 more to go! (which is actually frightening because i feel like i’ve made such progress… when really, i haven’t even finished ten percent of the project. struuuuuggle…)

p.s. confession: today, i cheated. the point on my ballpoint pen was a little too fat for the detail of the drawing i was making on my postcard so i used a fine point ink pen even though i’ve limited myself to only ballpoint pens. I KNOW, terrible. it will never happen again. i felt really bad about it up until this confession. phew.


2 thoughts on “challenges

  1. i think it’s funny that you felt the need to confess. i like your structure… i didn’t set up the kind of structure you have because i knew i would end up just confessing all of the time. so i thought i’d leave it open…whether this will eventually bring me more or less of a challenge i can’t quite predict yet…

  2. hahahaaaaaa. I LOVE the confession. I also like that you have put some challenges into the process for yourself…songs for older people, ball points…it keeps you on your toes!

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