words to draw from

one of my favorite things to do is read blogs.  i’m constantly blown away by the number of people doing simple art and how dedicated they are to putting it out into the universe.  like i said in my last post, many of these blogs have helped inspire my project in ways.  it’s also very exciting to see other people taking on similar projects…so many of us are seeking out ways to lead creative lives whether that be through drawing, writing, or sewing.  below you’ll find a few blogs, articles, and posts i’ve found particularly intriguing as i’ve worked to create my own “art” for the postcard project.

hula seventy
thx thx thx – a thank you note a day
Snapped, Stamped, and Sealed (Sarah-Ji on Shutter Sisters)
The No. 1 Habit of Highly Creative People (Leo Babauta on Zen Habits)

as i come across others, i’ll continue to post more links…

in other news, i got more prints and new postage stamps in the mail today!  excited to make more postcards!


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