we’ve passed the 10 day mark which means we’ve completed 10% of the project!  still plenty to go but i’m excited for more days.  i’ve put four envelopes in the mail today and i’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of our mail carrier to put them out into the world.  i also heard from one of my recipients today…my first one to tell me she received something!  if it’s going to continue feeling like this, i’m going to want this project to go on forever….it feels like.

BUT, i’m also a realist in some ways… and i’m fully aware that being 10% done means i have 90% to go…and while this doesn’t feel quite daunting, i’m also expecting to hit that wall eventually… and that, i know, will be a challenge.

for now though…. all is fun and silver ink and printed photos and inspiring quotes… here’s #6
day 6
day 6

and because i particularly liked this envelope and the colors and shapes the stamps added…
day 6
day 6

as usual, names and personal messages were erased to prevent spoilers 🙂


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