digital revelation

I was writing my return address.  My hand got tired after writing just one envelope.

My first thought was that I could print myself up a bunch of typed address labels.

But then I realized, this is a product of how much time I spend at the computer.

If my handwriting is affected, how does all that typing affect my ability to draw or paint?

If Picasso lived now and wrote a lot of emails, would the muscles in his hands be so different that his masterpieces would be drastically altered?

How about Frida Kahlo?  when she was bedridden would she choose to Facebook all the time instead of painting her greatest works?

I am gonna hand write as much as possible for this.  That is what I am thinking now anyway.


One thought on “digital revelation

  1. i’ve noticed the same thing about myself. i was planning on printing up a whole bunch of labels and such before i started, but now that i’m handwriting things instead, it feels more like i’m really doing the project… i spend enough time typing, i had forgotten how much i enjoyed actually writing things out. it’s kind of liberating.

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