A new start

100 days project.


I’m an interactive person, from Mexico city to Los Angeles, from Spanish to English, From me to you, from music, photography, radio, books, bars, cafes, newspapers, to this web, you are the other part to complete this interaction …. round trip.

I want to create another bridge of communication to understand where we are, I consider myself to be an Argonaut, traveling reading maps and writing  messages and putting them in bottles, but people call them letters.

Writing is one of the most important ways to express myself and put it in poetry, thoughts and formulas, either way.  

One day I had to live by myself in Los Angeles, with  zero friends, no communication, I covered the empty days of voice with my reading, poetry and my violin, it was the time of silence,  for me it was Like a long night, now it’s a new time to communicate with you.


2 thoughts on “A new start

  1. How lovely your expression of your silent time, and a new beginning at the end of the midnight of the soul. Keep writing, want to read more.

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