second five


i’ve been really bad about blogging lately so i haven’t even posted my second five even though it’s been awhile. i finally began using the scanner so hopefully the process gets quicker and i can begin uploading pictures more immediately…

my new challenge is finding new black ballpoint pens that don’t write with a gray/green/purple tinge… it’s pretty tough! other new news is that i received a postcard in return the other day! thanks star- it’s great!

here’s my second five below…(well, four because one doesn’t have a picture… but these four are pretty cool!)

sent out there to tokyo!

to sumo loving suno

everyone loves gaga

sorry about the uneven window

again, cool points if you know all four songs i used in these postcards- by the way, i used “va creciendo el amor” on postcard 8.

until next time!


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