To Be

Who I am and who I think I am changes as I deconstruct my identities, brick by brick. No longer

Kitchen Queen
Community Organizer
Massage Therapist
Incest Survivor
LGBT Activist

Even Writer comes down as the best and last most decorated brick. The many personas that are housed in this body finally learn to know each other, live together in harmony, become strong as they recover from previously undiscovered pain, are no longer disparate beings struggling to live alone in the dark.

It is when we no longer know who we are that we have the opportunity to truly be ourselves.
It is I.


2 thoughts on “To Be

  1. my dear juhi, I have come to you via shutter sisters. Your Post Card Project has inspired me to listen to the creative voices that always beckon but so often fall on deaf ears. No More! I will listen very closely and watch for you as a traveling companion as I trust that this path will lead me back to myself.
    Blessings on Your Courage…

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