making connections



amidst my flurry to catch up on postcards within the past couple of days, i received a message from Sarah-Ji via facebook saying she had received my postcard and would be giving us a shoutout on Sunday….

and it’s Sunday!!  i “met” Sarah-Ji through flickr and her posts on Shutter Sisters and her own blogs.  she wrote a post for Shutter Sisters not long before we started the project saying she wanted to begin writing more letters and use photos in the process.  so….when i was making my initial recipient list, i decided to ask for her address.  it seemed too perfect that we were both doing similar projects around the same time and i thought it would be fun to exchange a postcard with someone who i felt like i kind of knew through her photography and blog posts although we have never met in person.

i thought i’d share her post from today at Shutter Sisters on the blog here so that our readers can check out their site also and possibly be a part of the project she’s starting there as well!!

check out Sarah-Ji’s vive la snail mail! post at Shutter Sisters!!!


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