Is it almost July already?

Here’s a little crossover from my @100daysofgratitude blog. It seemed apropos this morning to this wonderful site where caring artists are plying their passion, making and sending out hand written cards, notes, and letters by snail mail to all and sundry, and making smiles happen.

Time passes so quickly sometimes, and sometimes it drags from moment to moment, and at others it…just…stands…still. But of course time does none of these things. It is how our minds perceive it. According to some physicists time is a concept, not a concrete thing: it is an idea for keeping track of sequential events, within the understanding of our planet, our solar system, our galaxy perhaps. But not necessarily applicable to the Universe, the arising and falling of the Big Bang, or the Big Bang we are living through this time. Which brings us full circle (or the figure of 8 for infinity) to time which is circular, not linear.

So if July has come too early, don’t worry. Next July will be here soon enough.

I am grateful today for knowing the passage of time in just the linear way; that my mind can track the passage of events in a sequential way. That my mind has the ability to understand “the passage of time” as a reality. That my mind can comprehend the concept of the absence of time. That my mind can appreciate the space time continuum. And Star Trek.


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