i have been traipsing through the redwoods.  dedicating most of my emotive cells to the care and safety, laughter and hunger of a group of wonderful youth.

in this short time, there was not much left in me at the end of the day that was able to curl up and write or draw. yet i have stored up many thoughts and feelings that i know will flow out and let me catch up.  when the soul is being restored the goal is still being met.

this project is shaping the way i look at the world on the daily, and it feels good.

my co-worker is a tea afficionado.  she carefully makes her own herbal mix and she always offers tea to those around her.  she makes each tea bag for you, explaining the therapeutic benefits they have after asking you how you are.  to me, this shows the many ways in which we turn our passions into the gift for giving.

here are some more samples i sent out before hitting the trails:

should have time for catch up and put these thoughts to paper soon….


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