“I wrote a huge number of letters that spring: one a week to Naoko, several to Reiko, and several more to Midori.  I wrote letters in the classroom, I wrote letters at my desk at home with Seagull in my lap, I wrote letters at empty tables during my breaks at the Italian restaurant.  It was as if I were writing letters to hold together the pieces of my crumbling life.

To Midori I wrote, ‘April and May were painful, lonely months for me because I couldn’t talk to you.  I never knew that spring could be so painful and lonely.  Better to have three Februaries than a spring like this.”

-Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood


2 thoughts on “letters

  1. thank you for sharing the quote.. i definitely get a little excited anytime i read something somewhere that has to do with mail or letter writing….

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