second ten

hello everyone!

i know i have lagged terribly on posting these postcards so i’m posting ten this time instead of five.

more challenges i’ve encountered:

-all of the best pens i’ve used are free… where can i find more of these free pens?!

-scanner that sucks…

-matching lyrics to people… why are most songs love songs?! not that i’m NOT in love with all of the postcard recipients or anything (?!?!)… geeeeez.

-hand cramps… weak, huh?

-posting things in a timely manner. absolute fail right here.

aaaagain, comment if you know all the songs! (it’s not even hard to do since i’ve already given you lyrics to pop into google…)

i promise the next sets will be scanned and posted SOON(er than these were)!

let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “second ten

  1. wow, i would think that you’d start to lose ideas for what to draw for song lyrics, but it seems they’ve only gotten more detailed….and i really like the part about sam’s phone….so funny…

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