cultivate creativity! and define it for yourself!

Now this is so cool!  Talking to young folk about the project.  One of my students is from france so she spends many hours in the Louvre, and surrounded by other classic masterpieces.  similarly, she gets out in paris and  sketches things like Notre Dame on a regular basis.

Now what does she think of “good art” and creativity?  she got us discussing this very topic.  We talked about who can be an artist.  she talked about a friend who has incredible technical skill but who frequently decides her work is poor and throws it up.  I had heard about an author (does anyone know who this is) who wrote one of the great classics.  recently it was disccovered that he actually wrote a few other books but was so self-critical that he burned the manuscript.  they are trying to reconstruct and unearth the story through clues, like an archaeological dig.

it has been very freeing to do this project.  often i do not like  what i make, but i send it off.  i have not destroyed anything yet.  the funny thing is when i hear back from someone that they really enjoyed the piece, and try to tell me how talented i am.  Do i believe them?  not fully.

this is partially bc growing up no one ever complimented my creativity, except my mom.  a classmate of mine in elementary school was known as the artist.  This sent a message about what good art was.  This brings me back to what my student was talking about.

As educators we MUST cultivate the creativity of our students, regardless of their age.  do not judge.  instead empower youth to develop this part of their soul and brain.  Un-used these skills are lost, similar to the ways in which we lose language we have learned  but stop using.

Enough from me, here’s some more postcards i sent out:







29 (in response to an article i read in the nytimes)

29 (back)




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