The 100DaysofGratitude Blog Closes, But the Gratitude Goes On

After many weeks of silence here, I am ending the postings on this Blog. The last day is September 11, but that date has become synonymous with so much pain and hatred, that not commemorating it here seemed more loving.
As much as I may not be completely connected to the Universe as yet, with each revealing of myself that removes some of the grime from the window through which I view the world, I am grateful for my clearer perspective.
Even though the little summer plants in my garden did not flourish, I am grateful that the squirrels in the yard found cilantro seeds to their liking. I am glad they are also using the planters for storing their winter nuts in them, right outside my window.
I am grateful that for everything Bunni has been through (and put me through) this month, we still have a loving bond that allows us to cuddle together on Big chairs in my room as I read or watch TV, sharing snacks and kisses.
In my inner world I know that I am a tiny twinkling light in the vast fabric of the Universe, and my teeth or hair or weight don’t make me who I am. Nothing that happens outside of me is as important as the freedom of choice, liberation from destructive past beliefs, and loving support I provide for myself. My happiness depends on no one but myself, I am my own anchor and my own sail.
I am grateful for all the loving kindness shown to me by people who have stepped up to the plate when I didn’t think that I could run one more base, much less round home plate. Thank you all for taking care of me when I couldn’t do it alone.
Blessings on us all.


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