passed 50!

it has been very liberating to completely let go of my judgements of my work in such a literal way.  there have been pieces that i really do not like- but still i send them off in the mail!

i am retraining this part of my brain and these muscles in my hand…. SOO there is no point in judging.  the creative intent is there!

with practice something keeps flowing.

i can’t do yoga right now, so this is the next best thing to the ego check i appreciate from yoga.  there is a home and safety on the mat that i can find in the quiet (or loud depending if i blast music!) of also just putting thoughts to a small piece of paper.

thank you friends for inspiring this idea- and letting me get back in touch with creativity!





#48 front/back

#49 front and back





then i treated myself to a trip to the art store!~ i said hey!  you are keeping with this!  so you get to start experimenting with watercolor….

so those are coming up!



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