plays with watercolor

My days definitely consist of way too much work on the computer.  So it is really nice to have something motivating me to create “work” that gets me off the screen.

I am wondering whether to continue posting the “postcards” here or not.  I enjoy the mystery of putting myself out there and not knowing what affect it has on others.  Most of my cards go out, and I do not know what the recipient thinks of it, how their day was affected by getting my little piece of mail… mystery! intrigue! drama! chaos!

i similarly wonder if any strangers come across our little blog.  I am not one who knows how to find random blogs myself, so sometimes it’s nice to ponder what a stranger makes of this one.

anyway, the rain has been giving more indoor time (fitting to start experimenting with watercolor) so here are a few more:




since 54 is mostly words, here is the text:

“shared a smile with a stranger as he crossed the street in front of me.  He walking a bike with neon pink bike tape but my smile reflected the dog peeking from the bike basket.  The man wearing chef pants-maybe he shared my love for cooking- (my current coping outlet)- more likely the pants, unmatched, were found and free.

I have been getting lost, taking wrong turns to new streets.  I feel so disconnected from this place I can’t get grounded.

Found my way back and passed a man in nurse’s scrubs.  He carried the saddest face as he continued walking.

I keep driving, I share these emotions with strangers.

I should be home and able to share these feelings with those I know.

Instead I am lost.”





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