competition, art as an olympic sport?

What is liberating about this project?

Letting go of competition!  I think it starts with the self.

At a dinner party I met someone who went to school for fashion design, loved her schooling, loves fashion design…. but now she works in a totally unrelated field.  Part of the problem was the initimidation of competition.  Now working, she says she has not even looked in her sewing machine’s general direction… not even to do a simple hem on a jean!  To go from making her own clothes to being completely separated and distanced from her passion.

So I wonder what will happen when I start filling my schedule with the things i am supposed to?  In this culture that is competitive, does not value or foster creativity most of the time (unless you are an Artist with a stamp of approval)…. will I still keep up with this?

Now things come into our lives for a reason, just like people.  So it is possible I will not need it anymore…. but, I think creativity (I have my personal definition for this…) is something highly needed for me to feel whole, healthy, and like myself….

it hurts my heart a little that developing a creative sense of self is not more valued… and that so many people I talk to speak with sorrow about the art they lost in their lives….

How many people that have become famous doing art that they love were letting go of judgement and just doing regardless of where their art took them?

there goes that ego creeping in again.

Okay enough of my rambling.

anyway, thanks friends for inspiring this project!

here is the latest













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