Creative flow

It feels like it has been a long time since I have worked on this project.

There has been a break in my creative flow.  At first my reaction to that was to feel really frustrated and force myself to write/draw (as you will see by the caliber of cards this time around… wait what did i say in former posts about judgement?)

But instead of getting caught up in that frustration -that I have not been inspired, or frustration because I am embarassed to post some of these cards because I think they are “bad”-; I am trying to take note on what has been going on over the time period of midNov to midJan.

It seems like that is a time that rocks peoples flow in general, so it makes a lot of sense.  Similarly- if i REALLY think about how I have been feeling during that time, it makes TOTAL sense that my creativity was affected.

These cards reflect how I have been coping with everything that is going on.  So right now it’s a nice reminder that I need to refocus, and think about my goals right now.  Anything can be a teacher.

This sunshine has been helping, reminding me, “I am where I need to be” as “yoginiforshanti”    always tells me.

On monday with the sun I hiked to Black Mountain from Hidden Villa, 12 miles of being at a place that is sooo grounding for me.  I encourage you to start this year off that way.  take time to do something that grounds you, be people, place, food or an activity that does it for you.  You are the most important thing in your life.

Hopefully starting the year this way will help me revisit a creative flow during times of frustration or distraction.

Happy New Year!


#59 front and back















Music can inspire creative flow- enjoy!


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