It’s not really about 100…

For me this project has been not about the 100 goal (though it does feel good to have discipline about something, proof that I can have dilligence and commitment to something…)

Rather- it’s been the self-awareness that comes from each piece.  letting go of each piece, yet reflecting on each one after it’s sent off.

These most recent pieces have been a reminder of this because I have  been in debate about posting them here.  I do not like them.  They don’t make sense, and I feel weird having them be the ones showing the “I made it to 100!” post. (see how much judgement I have!)

Which brings me to the fact that it’s important to post them.  They are a brutal reminder that I am lacking balance (lately).  I started $working$ again and suddenly the things that really make me feel like me seem to lose importance.  Yoga, creative outlets, doggy, friends.

I want to know when I can be working and supporting myself the way I must, but also be in balance with the things that really feel like me?

SO- I post these pieces as a reminder of the importance of creating, even when my creative energy is being squandered by the stress of working life.  In time, with practice, the two will be in tandem.  I believe.

Thank you friends for this project.  There’s always multiples of 100.








#105 “i just might write you a poem,but i wont send it to you”


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