making time for creativity


in the spirit of maintaining connections and sharing stories from afar, i’m back to start this up again!  surya and i spoke yesterday about ways to be more intentional about keeping in touch with those who are special to us.  we both admitted to dropping this project at some point… although, unintentionally… and not quite taking it as far as we had originally hoped… i’m still amazed at some of the response we got and how it got me to send postcards to strangers and actually receive some back!  and i think what it comes down to…. is we all like connecting with people… and having some sort of tangible proof of this connection can be really meaningful.

so we decided to open this back up… as a sort of forum for those interested in making connections… through postcards or letter or collages or other ways i may not even imagine… but mainly… to share something tangible with someone… anyone…

this time around… we haven’t set a goal to reach 100 or any other number… the purpose is just to create.. and to share.  as often as possible. 🙂

please join us… no pressure.


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